I'll Shine (Feat. Samantha Dunn)

by mikeY budd Featuring Samantha Dunn

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An uplifting and inspirational tune, the music lives in you.


Hook (Samantha)
I’m a firm believer, I got nothing to lose
And you can never give up
When the music lives in you
This is my dream but it’s my time to shine
But the haters hate there ain’t no way
They gon’ stop me, watch me I’ll shine – I’ll shine – I’ll shine

Best believe I’m that beam of light
Beaming through ya blinds
Every morning while you sleeping
I been keepin on my grind
No more laters, no more waitin
There’s too much at stake
And I’m feelin too hot
To overcook my prime
Cuz who are they to judge me like I was on trial
You tubin way too much homie
S*** is just viral
I’m the only one
Who knows what I want
And what is best for me
The recipe for destiny
Is nothing you could pray to be
It’s workin every damn day
Knowing you were made to be
Fit for this world and prepared for survival
When you live for yourself
You got nothing to prove
So if the risk doesn’t kill ya
What’s there to really lose? Nothin


Some people only feed off the negative -
Yup, so I put em on a diet
I’m too hungry to live a life
That’s only satisfying
I won’t settle for less
I’m always onto the next
Can’t tell me that I’m wrong
If you been too scared to try it
Lookin down on yourself
Like all you do is text
You’d think I had it good
But I got screwed like the vets
Been a long time comin
If you only knew where I been
Now I’m pushin the peace
Instead of pushin the pills
And am no longer a thief
Cuz I got nothing to steal
I learned to un-attach myself
From the materials
I lost my mama way too young
Something no kid should feel
But I was sick of feelin stuck
So kept it movin like wheels
When it comes to what I got
I’m rich as Beverly Hills
See them other m******
Need a chain to shine
That's how they get validation,
Music's how I got mine!


Verse 3
The older homies always told me
Be strong and keep ya chin up
Cuz if they see you damaged
They gon try to take advantage
The difference tween u and the other guy
Is if you choose to give up
So I ain’t givin up,
And ain’t about to give in
Bout to double up – matter fact
We made it out the darkest
Moments of the single mother
To the starving artist
Cuz we goin the hardest
We would never be this happy
Doing anything else
And against all odds
I did it all for myself
Haters made me weak in the story
When they would write it
But I’m the author - I’m the hero
If you wit me throw em lighters up n say!



released March 11, 2016
Mixed and mastered by Top Notch Recordings. Production by Adrian Dominick and Mikey Budd. Song written and recorded by Mikey Budd. Featured vocal artist Samantha Dunn


all rights reserved



mikeY budd Los Angeles, California

Slicker than your average yogi, Mikey Budd is well known for blending his chill yoga lifestyle into unshakable conscious raps. The born and raised Jersey boy has always advocated for healthy living but began making music about it after relocating to California. Apart from being a hybrid East and West Coast rapper, Mikey is in fact a trained yoga instructor, published author and experienced poet. ... more


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