Lost Souls

by mikeY budd

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For anybody who feels lost in life, or like you're stuck. Just know you aren't the only one.


So far gone and I got no where to go
This lonely roads the only thing I’ve ever known
I’m lookin for a home
Hood to call my own
Lost soul, a lost soul

She asked me what I did for a livin
I said breathe
I hate small talk
I like my conversations deep
Deeper than Atlantis
Praying Mantis
More sets than Alanis
Acting like I’m happy
As these randoms
Try to take advantage
Cuz my kindness makes me weak
Car fax can’t show the damage
I hide that shit better
Than Bruce Jenner did his manhood
Truth of the matter is I’m scared no one will like me
So I say sorry more than a man from Japan would
If we bumped heads – I don’t want you to write me
Can’t translate these texts – Call so we could stop fighting
You know I’m gon say yes – thinking you’ll return the favor
Later to realize I’m the only one who’s been trying
And you could care less if I was either sick or dying
Nobody cares – Sonny’s words live by me
Another Bronx tale
Starrin a lost lil Jersey Boy
You ain’t come up in this hood
Turn around – hurry boy


Fake it til you make it mo fuckas talk the most shit
So silent around you, I keep it chill, Lao-Tzu
Not competing with you or your portrait mode pics
Please forgive my lack of presence I don’t really post shit
Frequently I’m ghosted – cause Casper couldn’t take the truth
If you ain’t real too, you won’t feel this dope shit
Anno Domini Beats,
Mikey B-U-double D
I know my stoners got the weed
Somebody please smoke this!
As I walk this path of life
My shadow is the leader
See darkness out in front of me
From top to bottom feeders
Opportunists and the cheaters
Everybody wanna piece of me
They think I got it Gucci
Cuz I kick it wit celebrities
Do yoga now these cobras
Follow, stalk and message me
Still tryin to keep it cool
The universe is testin me
See a light ahead
But it’s taking all my energy
Cock blocks better not
Fuck up my date with destiny


Looks can be deceiving
Seeing all the screens believing
You ain’t good enough
But you gotta watch what you believe in
Don’t base it on appearance
Always som’ up with clearance
I am not a free spirit
I’m another lost soul
Just tryna to cope
And let the past go
Some days I don’t know if I could even write these lyrics
Though most of y’all won’t hear it
It’s meant to be esoteric
May never be Queen B
But I’m more Elizabethan
Shakespeare mo-fo
Globed poetry gospels
Don’t need apostles
I’m the last person to follow
Unless you want your life fucked up as mine is
Don’t be the blind to be led by the blinded
Responsible for me?
Sorry I can’t be for you
Doesn’t mean I don’t want to walk alone without company
Hopin that you get the message
Without poppin the bottle
We might be oceans apart
But I need you for tomorrow

Keep ya head up for tomorrow
The past is full of sorrow
And the future such a lotto
The world’s getting colder
Every day we get older
But I got this shoulder
You’re welcome to borrow
Cuz when all seems gone
And you got no where to go
Let this song take you home
Cuz we all
Lost souls, we both lost souls


released November 16, 2018
Produced by Adrian Wood (Anno Domini Beats)
Written and performed by mikeY budd


all rights reserved



mikeY budd Los Angeles, California

Slicker than your average yogi, Mikey Budd is well known for blending his chill yoga lifestyle into unshakable conscious raps. The born and raised Jersey boy has always advocated for healthy living but began making music about it after relocating to California. Apart from being a hybrid East and West Coast rapper, Mikey is in fact a trained yoga instructor, published author and experienced poet. ... more


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