MizBadu (Pass tha Reefer)

by mikeY budd

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An ode to Miss Erykah Badu. Chill smoke song to cool out to while embracing the term Baduism.


Pass tha reefer
Do, MizBadu
Bah-do, MizBadu
(Pass tha reefer)
Bah-do, Mizbadu
Bah-do, Mizbadu
(Pass tha reefer)

I call it Baduizm
Good shit man
Top shelf, my Ls
Let loose visions
Truth is I ain’t used to oozing my heart
But I’m a tell it to em straight
And why I love this lady
‘Fo you pigeons
No offense, cuz you up on her too
Like Mikey Budd
Lemme get a beat by Badu
Oye lil mama better slow ya role fast
Unless it’s ass or cash
Y’all already know what I’ma say
(Get off my grass)
I keep it real
Don’t fuck wit synthetics
Made in the eyes of God
Her true beauty’s aesthetic
Sticky icky to her guns,
Wasn’t aimin to please
Never had me choked up
She’s the reason I breathe
Every day and all night
Just to get by
Beauty at its best
Strongest strand on the scene
Hit you with reality
From an out the blue dream
So when I say press play
This is what I really mean


Elevators can’t lift us
When we this high
Shit it prolly knock you out
If you threw in Rice
One plat, two plat, triple plat
Four twenty is the time
Where my partners at?
If u don’t wanna get down wit me
Then it’s simple motha fucka - don’t
I got plenty leaves from the apple tree
A tax on these sacks
Lookin for that cheap shit
Better call Tyrone
Haha. Yea I’m cold like that
Hit you in the end zone
Call me Colin Kaep (Bayside)
This typa bread n butter
Get jammed up like the mag
Said you could take a pull
Don’t Rupaul it and drag
See –
I’m that keefa desde la isla
Ella me da una sonrisa
Toma tu are, asthmatica
Senorita Eryka, mi unica amorcita, wepa!


1-2 – crush the kush
3-4 – pull paper pour
5-6 – pick out sticks
7–8 – roll that dank
9-10 – twist the end
Deep breath in
Pass to a friend
Keep it rotating
Keep the dro blazing
We go HAM - we don’t want no bacon

Sunset to dawn
It goes on and on
In my next lifetime
Steady rollin stoned
If you worried bout it
Then you worry too much
Makin bucks - takin puffs –
Cerebellum to the dome
More degenerate than Ellen
10 times the smile
Than an appeal that was
Granted for the felon
New neo - Soulflower sound
Got my head wrapped
It's the wildest
Twist up
Get it to the tightest


Budd… mikeY budd
Please light me up
mikeY budd, please light me up

Pass tha reefer


released November 16, 2014
Written and performed by mikeY budd. Produced by Vherbal, mastered and mixed by Track Martians.


all rights reserved



mikeY budd Los Angeles, California

Slicker than your average yogi, Mikey Budd is well known for blending his chill yoga lifestyle into unshakable conscious raps. The born and raised Jersey boy has always advocated for healthy living but began making music about it after relocating to California. Apart from being a hybrid East and West Coast rapper, Mikey is in fact a trained yoga instructor, published author and experienced poet. ... more


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