Ganja, Mantras & Insecurities

by mikeY budd

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Originally released August 30th. After parting ways with previous studio teams, mikeY budd branched out as an indie artist to release his first full album. Recording sessions for the album took place during the 2018 summer at Mikey's Tree House Studio in Los Angeles. The album's name comes from budd's background support for the cannabis community and his role as a yoga teacher (i.e. ganja and mantras). Insecurities stems from the world of technology we live in. The album artwork is designed to incorporate the insecure "selfie face" filled with mandalas. The subtle lotus/cannabis flower design around the face is surrounded with mantras of "overcoming the insecure".


released September 4, 2018

Songs written and performed by mikeY budd
Mixing and mastered by Michael Budd
Production by Anno Domini Nation, DJ Wocki, Ereezy, Dran Dress, Stanley Rimpson Jr. and Omari MC


all rights reserved



mikeY budd Los Angeles, California

Slicker than your average yogi, Mikey Budd is well known for blending his chill yoga lifestyle into unshakable conscious raps. The born and raised Jersey boy has always advocated for healthy living but began making music about it after relocating to California. Apart from being a hybrid East and West Coast rapper, Mikey is in fact a trained yoga instructor, published author and experienced poet. ... more


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Track Name: Hip-Hop Yoga
Hip Hop, Hip Hop Yoga

A rappin yoga teacher
Got damn - I’ve seen it all
Hundreds of hours in the Himalayas
Who else with me dog?
Yah you blah blah on them blogs
But pretend to be zen
I’m just tryna keep it real
Mikey Budd (Where ya been?!)
Detroit to New Delhi
I lay bitches on their bellies
Chatturanga – Up Dog
Back that pick up like a Chevy
Favorite teachers what they tell me
Cuz they never been so sweaty
Went from Lulu lemon leggings
To my legs are like spaghetti -
Hell yeah my sticky icky smelly
It's packed with hashish
That’s what’s up in India
I’m an all star in these streets
Rebel rockin up in Rishikesh
Welcome to third world
Getting foul like I got techs
This is not Yoga Girl
Oh you want that yoga girl?
Chill ma’ I got you
Savasana never felt so good
Burnt out like Sadhu
Meditate with ganja
One with the Ganga
Only good vibes
Fuck the dark side up like Yoda girl
Huh. Yeah
But if I’m bein honest
I ain’t like other yogis
Don’t know shit about chakras
But come as you are
We getting closer to Nirvana
This is Absolut truth
Stronger than ya shots of vodka
She loves the way I teach
Must be my Jersey accent
The way I broke her off
Shorty did too many back bends
No new dance
I ain’t one for wack trends
But best believe I’ll have ya bodies
Bouncing fo’ this track ends

Like bounce! Bounce!
Bounce with me now
This that hip hop yoga rock
Hip hop yoga rock
Bounce! Bounce!
Bounce with me now
This that hip hop yoga rock
Hip hop yoga rock

Track Name: All Day All Night
All day and all night…
(4 x)

All day everyday
All I do is roll J’s
To the face
Breath takes
To the waste
Space case
Please come down
Hip Hop Yogi
Yeah that’s me (may)
Jersey boy in LA
Straight West Coastin
Like I’m Dre
Coach put me in
Catch me on the replay
Shout out to the DJ’s
That’s givin me play
Fuck the fakes
In this place
Talking shit
Cuz they can’t get paid
Throw ya hands up
If you paid yo bills
Wave em side to said
If you know you getting laid
It’s the weekend
Let’s do yoga,
Spark up the weed
See where it goes to


All night, every night
All we do is get live
But this is not a snap chat story
Hands are tied, I’m not recording
Move to the left
Shake rattle roll
Light it up but watch ya step
Move to the right then start to bounce
Hands to ya knees
Booty hits the ground
Searchin, searchin for a shorty
One to make me say oh lordy
Love my chicas thick n sweet
I ain’t vegan, I need meat
Ol’ girl had an ass as big as Argentina
Before I knew it I went bilingual
Oye mami damelo
Say peace to ya friends
Cuz we bout to go

Track Name: Oh Lord
Oh Lord!
Why don’t you show me the way out?
Show me the way out
Oh Lord!
Why don’t you show me the way out?
Show me the way out

Father who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Smoke Grade A
So he wouldn’t die in vain
Yeah they still complain
Like – I can’t support ya habits
Reefer, rum, and ratchets
Boy your daddy was an addict
The apple ain’t far from the tree
Daddy was a hustler so guess what
That’s what I’ma be
Teach yoga to make cash
Loosen up yo tight ass
Highly educated
Labeled as a low-class… citizen
Cuz I still tip the fitted man
To the left
My people get it how we live it and
That’s to the fullest
Cuz we keep it the coolest
Don’t pretend to be zen
Homie we ain’t no Buddhists
But then again -
We had to learn to meditate
Used to be mad, but now you know
We never hate
Fearless, not careless dog
There’s a difference
Lookin to escape?
Learn to walk before you levitate


What’s good Virginia?
Tell me mama what’s shakin?
Nah, I ain’t religious
But I’m stayin off bacon
You could say I’m awakened
Wake up as Jason Statham
Kickin life’s ass in the morning
By sun down I’m Taken
Names like Liam Neeson (pop!)
Lames’ll try to convince you
It’s okay to hate
But see how that’s an issue?
You want something to follow
Something to explain the blessins
But how do you know the answer
If you never ask the questions
Errr – that’s when she told me to stop
Lead me not into temptation
I’d be disappointing God
Girl enough with those previsions
Adam made his own decisions
For me it’s hearsay so
Try not to eavesdrop
Sometimes the most devout
Can be the dumbest politicians
So if you’re still down
We could still do this thrill called livin
School you on chillin
Don’t need to go through admissions
I got the weed and yoga mat
Don’t bring your inhibitions


And… we still sinning
Still winnin, tip drillin
Bust her Posey wide open
Catch everything she pitchin
Since a youngin I been bumpin
Consciousness like Common
An old soul bro –
You know I came from the bottom –
So what she wanna fuck
I’m tryna keep up wit these calories
Sex sells playa
So lemme raise my salary
The man made the struggle
Man above gave us light
If you coastin with me
Then it go something like
Digo - low lean, go green at a red light
Sit back, relax, baby get high
Ain’t nothing to us (no)
Mami let em judge us
Heads trash talkin
Put em minds in the gutter
Nah ma’ practice what ya preach
So she lay on her side
Turnin both the other cheeks
Sweet baby Jesus, Shiva,
Moses, Allah, Buddha?
Booty – booty booty got my hands up!


Light em up, light em up
Light em up, light em up
Track Name: Namastè
Hands to ya heart, heh – Namaste
Bow down to the crown - Namaste
If I made it this far? Then – Namaste
Fittest rapper hands down – Namaste

Mikey Budd you’re always high - Namaste
Thinkin mode, eyes low – Namaste
California west side – Namaste
Conscious AF tho – Namaste

Yoga state of mind man - no competition
But if I make some money moves - then Okay
Cardi run the cash n get my cuzins Cali livin
Finna light up fam - Namaste
Structure studios, Give the kids classes free
Inner peace to streets that’s a lot of cake
Whole foods in the hood I got mouths to feed
South Central luv me luv me see I’m not a fake
Cuz I practice what I preach
Instead of talking bull shit
I don’t need your follow back
I’m leader of the cool kids
I do shit, conducive
To every single blueprint
I be spreading consciousness
While y’all be spreading rumors
Textin and computers
Trapped inside of the fake world
Filtered bros n fake girls
I’ve never taken blue pills
She knows I go night and day
Come inside, “not right away”
Not that I don’t trust ya – e
I don’t trust ya so I say!


6th generation civic ridin with my chicos
Foldin flowers hit the crib screamin Orale
Mama cita knows I’m high as fuck
But you said we’re goin out – Namaste
Ah shit she wildin out – here we go again
Ya boy need to chill bruh - he on CNN
Act a fool, back to school here’s a pad and pen
Take notes angry folks – find ya fuckin zen
Who do you think it was
That taught yo parents how to calm down
No I’m not a guru
Y’all could just call me the don now
Buddha not – smoke too much pot
Don’t give a fuck what bout what you got
I’m from the bricks -
Where I know kids – they stash the clips -
Inside they socks
Right next to the cash
Yeah we holding jobs down
Yoga is the drug
And we the new fuckin Mob now
Do this for my brain doe
Look inside our minds
We just as insane bro
Don’t wanna have to say it twice


If you feel me flow
Let’s call that shit Vinyasa
Keep repeating lines
I turn rhymes into mantras
No this will not cost ya
Fix ya fuckin posture
Make these spines line up
Like a motha fuckin roster
No I’m not a Rasta
But always smoking ganja
Murdering these marathons
Carbo load on pasta
Working out the fit moms
Mary Jane Fonda
I’m good though
I’m good hoe
Though I know she wanna
Track Name: False Courage
Ladies and Gentlemen
Welcome to the new millennium
Where you can be, well
Whatever you want to be
(And anywhere you want to be)
Shyea… OH! You don’t have to take any responsibility
You can just blame everyone else for anything that goes wrong
Status is based on recorded likes
Oh and of course you’re going to need a phone and some heat
If you want to function with the rest of society
Enjoy your time.

Fake news is brainwashing
Facebook ego’s stalkin
Never know who’s watching
So you better be on ya best behavior

Phones are raising children
Pictures prove we’re livin’
But the guns keep killing
False courage doesn’t make you braver

You a tough mo fucka
Dialing from a private number
Safe behind the screen
But here’s something that I wonder
Would you be as bold?
If you were vulnerable
My guess is you would not
Go get your punk ass drunker
I’ll let you take the first shot
Call up ya boys
False courage can’t fight
So they bust out the toys
Such a bitch move
Like a hater’s review
Take your one star and shove it
Only shine when you poop
Fuck a cyber bully too
Cuz these cats know they’re afraid
Trollin, scrollin always fuckin posting
Batshit reactive, way too dramatic
Bitchin over everything
Bitch you need to get laid
Ya mad fake – and never who they claim to be
I‘m awake - in the land of make believe
Die by the insults
Live by the compliments
Any merit needs sharing
Essays of accomplishments


It’s a big bad world
But why you scared Top Gun?
False courage fires first
Like a coward or a cop from
The twin cities, New York and Florida
Pussies pull triggers
When they up against something bigger
Ban the rifles
From the psychos
Fix the fuckin law
Cuz there’s way too many typos
Way too many kids keep
Dyin by the second
So hypocrites stop
Cryin over an abortion
The same babies born
That you claim you saved
Can’t afford health care
And you don’t want us on welfare
So really what you want is somebody to blame
Can’t admit when you’re wrong
How’s that make you brave?
Learn a better fucking skill
Fuck ya firing range
Killing animals for pleasure
Rockin minks & leather
It’s a damn contradiction
To keep claiming you a victim
Need to learn to fight
And then learn how to pick em


My problem nowadays
Is everybody feels entitled
Ego’s a motherfucker
Don’t let him raise your child
From one bastard to another
That shit’ll make you humble
You might not get a trophy
But you could buy your disciples
Yes sir – I’m stirring the pot
But I get mad props
Out here cookin the crops
Hitting sore spots prompt
Putting pressure - I’m hot
Circle out truths from the goofs
Getting rid of these knots
Misogynistic mentality
Don’t make you a man
Prolly talk all that shit
Cuz you know that you can’t
Compare yourself to a lady
But some of you bitches
Need to stop acting like hoes
Then later say you victims
Fuck the fake heroes
Always tellin the world
It’s like you only function
After pressin record
Re-do… re-do… We need another re-do
Now I don't give a fuck
Hashtag Me too

Track Name: After School Special
Relax your mind
Let your conscious be free
You are blazin to the sounds
Of Mikey B-U-Double D
Even if you don’t toke
Tilt ya head to this
Post up, lean back
Take a step with it
It’s the after school special
You already know
It’s quarter past 4
We need weed to roll!
Done for the day
And not a damn thing to do
I got 2 cents that I’m split with you
C-c-c-call it a flow - Some call it a lecture
Get off IG – you could see the big picture
Dawg we in the zone - get the fuck off your phone
Enjoy the company now – text that bitch later
I ain’t a hater, actually I might be
Cuz to me this technology
Takeovers fuckin frightening
Motha fucka’s makin movies while they be driving
I’m sittin stupid like why’s no one replying?

But anytime they talk shit
Just let them motha fuckas know
This ain’t the toilet

To the kids in college
Who got classes to go,
Ease up on ya stressin
That’s my biggest life lesson
Chase every dream
Don’t give up by any means
Leggo of your egos
Say more yes’s than no’s
10 years from now
Friends will come and go
As far as I’m concerned
It’s necessary to learn
Self worth, and hurt
Don’t be afraid to get burned
Don’t fear your career
It’s okay to say I don’t know
Fellas, why the fuck is you BALLIN
Goin broke for a bitch who isn’t even callin
Brush ya teeth good, you won’t need to be flossing,
One love to the ladies who still ain’t fallin
For the tricks and the dicks of a dumb fuck boy
Leave the girl alone, she’s already had enough boy
Love yourself first, the village can wait
And they can’t eat a feast from an empty plate


People will talk shit, that’s a guarantee
But relax and ask
How you gonna react?
Cuz it’s just chit chat
Give them all tic tacs
Freshmaker mo fo
Why yo breath so stanky?!
Don’t get angry
Get glad
Take the grudge you holdin
Just throw it in the bag
Ya energy is limited
Careful where you givin it
Mooches give a smooches
To my ass
Go on social media two times a week
Take time for things you love
Eyes up if we gon speak
I ain’t sayin that you can’t love Budd
But before you use my name
Don’t be lazy
Travel and read
Educate yourself everyday
And face one thing that makes you afraid
Well boys and girls that’s all the time I have
Pimps up, hoes down - thanks y’all have a nice day

Track Name: Funkafyde!
One! Two! One Two Three,
Let’s go!

This rhythm, this boogie,
Can’t stop, it’s doin something to me
This rhythm, this boogie
Got me feelin good tonight (tonight)

This rhythm, this boogie,
Can’t stop, it’s doin something to me
This rhythm, this boogie
I’m feelin Funkafyde!

First and foremost put the phones away
Let’s do it like Ahmad
Back in the day!
Way back to 98
What you know about that?
Way befo snap chat
We would never snap that
Befo’ all the following on instagram
People weren’t desperate for instafam
She was swiping all night
To find an insta-man
Easy come - easy go
She got insta-canned
But back to the lecture at hand
What up uncle Snoop
I’m still in the coupe
Mad goofed up from the juice and gin’
Bitch (Trick) said who?
Where do I begin?
Mikey Budd’s the name
And I’m that hip-hop yogi
Not Warren G but I regulate
Tree pose, blow trees Rest in Peace to Nate
Get down from the clouds?
Hell Namaste!


One love to the bboys
Off the block
Two times for my 80’s babies
Doin ‘the wop’
I know my latinos
Got the salsa hot
Air force ones when we do the Reebok
This is how we rock
This is how we roll
Take another shot
Then let go
No vibe’s gonna die tonight
Cuz as long as we alive
We live the good life


A little bit, a little bit
A little bit softer now
A little bit, a little bit
A little bit softer now
A little bit, a little bit
A little bit louder now
A little bit, a little bit
A little bit louder now


This rhythm, this boogie,
Can’t stop, it’s doin something to me
Yo body, yo goodies
Got me feelin good tonight (tonight)

This rhythm, this boogie
God damn, what this beat done to me
Them thighs and that booty
Girl you got me Funkafyde!

Track Name: Instead...
If this beat was gone, could you still hear it?
Instead of talkin shit,
Would you listen to my lyrics?
Cuz if it’s cool with you
I’ll be real for a minute
And instead of an applause
I’m okay just getting crickets
Instead of playin rich cuz I’m so self-conscious
I accept the fact I’ve been broke since college
Lost on the road to riches far as my career
Need to give me more praise
Instead pressure from my peers
Instead of fitting in
I’ll just see where I fit
If they stick through bullshit
Then my friends are legit
Instead of blame shiftin
My problems to others
I’ll take responsibility
For my own damn problems
Instead of getting angry
Saying something I regret
Close my eyes for a sec
While I take a deep breath -
Instead of waiting to respond
I’ll shut up and listen
I’m tryna do the math instead of the division

See you as a man
Instead of as a Christian
Or a Muslim, a Jew?
To me it makes no difference
Instead of teaching my kids
What makes us different
They go to church of Ziggy
Love is my religion
And all of us are created equal
As God had intended
Could you try to see my point?
Instead of tryin to be offended – damn…

Instead of being color blind
I see the world for what it is - shit
Got me feeling hopeless
So there’s no gray when it’s all black n white
Instead of being silent
I’m a speak for those oppressed
I hope my friends know this
Instead of being opposed
Fact’s I got privilege
On my face and it shows
Another injustice
And another brother’s dead
I’ll protest for peace
Not bring violence instead
I picked up the pen
Instead of loading the gun
Tip my hat to police
Instead of trying to run
Love me for where I’m at
Instead of just who I become
Live this gift called the present
Instead of a past I was from
I’m not a victim
But if you walked my journey
You’d understand why I do this
Instead I chose music
Should this be my story,
Then it isn’t for me
But instead people in a
Parallel purgatory

So those in my shoes - let my message be read
Whatever hell you’re going through
Makes you stronger instead
For anybody who’s been
Bullied, beaten, n battered
In the game of life
Go out, follow big dreams
Instead of tryin to take a life
Cuz hatred in your heart
Is cancer that spreads
And makes you suffer most
When it comes to the end

Instead of actin like a tough guy
I’m not ashamed to cry
Or admit when I’m wrong
Long as we can be friends
Instead if we were honest
Didn’t judge each other’s feelings
Would the pain be the same?
Would there be as many killings?
I’m prayin to the ceiling
Cuz honestly - it sickens me
Any time someone’s son or daughter dies
Instead of whippin out the phone
To capture the shot
I’m a dial 9-1-1
Action hero, The Rock
Instead of talking shit
To make myself feel better
I’ll grow every damn day
Instead of blaming the weather​
Shoulda, coulda woulda
I’m a say ‘I did’ instead
So when the track plays back
I’ll do so with no regrets
Instead of tryin a filter
Instead of tryin to diss her
Give that girl props
Because she loves the real her
Without claiming she’s a hero
No need to explain it
Pictures are worth a thousand words
Depending how you frame it
Fuck the Instagram you
I like the real you instead
Fuck a comment or a like
I’d rather talk out like Ted
Instead of just postin
Instead of just ghostin
I’ll tell you straight up
That’s why I feel so alone then
It’s been a minute he said
Bout to hit my brother up
And I don’t wanna front
So Ima call him up instead
Track Name: Deep Therapy
Raised by an intermix
Of the sticks and the bricks
Introduced to pops
At the tender age of six
He didn’t walk out
That’s not part of the script
It’s a long story so
Sit back and smoke a spliff
Made ends meet, but that meat wan’t rich
Daddy drank too much plus my mama was sick
Sacrificed life support, to support the kids
By the time I was born
We were children at risk
Shipped to grandma’s overnight
Next day air
Days turned to months
Months became years
Once my old man got back on his feet
He was already settled with a new family
Feelin excluded, I was labeled as the new kid
An outcast – Not a big boy influence
Holdin this anger won’t serve like a hot plate
Wish I said it all before you passed away

Compressin’ this depression
Ain’t good for my health
Let my mind unwind
To find
The strength in myself
This is my –
One chance - is it sink or swim
Battling my tears from my fears within
This is my therapy
My deep deep therapy
Deep therapy, my deep deep therapy
Deep therapy --
I’m letting go of this shit
Cuz this grip’ll be the death of me

Sorry Miss Jackson
But I meant to make your daughter cry
Said that she loved me
Til I caught her dead in a lie
Justified her excuses like
"You never paid attention"
That's the reason, you been sleepin
With another guy?
Shoulda left right away
But I tried for my pride
Karma’s such a bitch -
So now we fuckin on the side
Kept my confidence
By fuckin different karma every night
You were first to fumble
It was on me to run the nine
Damn good reasons that I'm glad you did it
Now I know how to spot a hoe
So I could tell who isn't -
A waste of my time
I'm rollin deep as Adele
But I need to start investin
And protectin myself
From the broads I'm fuckin raw
Only thinkin wit my balls
6 weeks of stress
From a text that says
“We gotta talk"
It’s not worth it, trust me it ain’t
I wouldn’t wish that choice for my worst enemy


Friendly foes, wolves in sheep clothes
Egos gettin jealous like they the side chick
What I went through
And the cash I blew
Testifyin those friends of mine
Had my back with ice picks
I woulda – paid you back those g’s
I coulda – hid them sacks of leaves
I shoulda – had your back at least
But that’s the past and I’m way past
Where I ever thought I’d be
My deep therapy is these vocal expressions
Ventilate my depression
Meditate with yoga sessions
Everybody’s stressin
But together we blessings
Never let fakes shake you
Cuz you ain’t meant to blend in
Not tryna be a burden by tellin you my issues
I’m sharing my medicine
And what I did to get through
Shorty be wise,
YOLO Think twice, don’t you dare fuckin pull it.

Hook (2 x)
Track Name: West Coast Mentality
I know how it feel to wake up
Fucked up, pockets broke as hell
Another poor man’s tale
Still struggling, I’m hearing Biggie Smalls speak
Going back to Cali as a kid
Had that shit on repeat
Think back to a time
When my mind
Wasn’t right
But the drive
To stay alive
Made me fight
Finally at 25
I was screamin’ West Side
An outlaw from the Chi
LA to live and die
I think back to the times
Where I almost didn’t make it
So when times become the toughest
I try n appreciate it
Put the sunroof back
Palm trees blazin
Call me Mr. West
Life is Amazing
New York State of mind
Stressin over dimes
But it’s not about the salary
It’s all about reality
Can’t rush perfection
So I’m never on time
What you call that?
West coast mentality

Dubs on my mind (repeat 4x)
I got dubs on my mind
Women weed and weather
Shit it doesn’t get no better

2008 I was making moves in Florida
Johnny Budd rollin blunts
Fat point Punta Gorda
These vatos gave us weak shit
Nasty ass “never smoke me shit”
Now I pick n choose top shelf
West coast groceries bitch (kids)
Walk free from polices
Yoga every damn day
This is not IG shit
Love my beaches
Ya selfies and such
Katy Perry in the front
Daisy dukes in her butt
But she don’t like the attention
She’s not desperate Hollywood
Born and raised LA
So she ain’t fazed by shopping goods
Rodeo drive don’t keep her live
Movie scenes ain’t her thing
Always got the bowl packed
That’s my Cali Chronic Queen
Taught me to dream
Chill and patient
Let go and live life
Mikey boy you on vacation
So she give that good head
When we hit the bed
So you know ya boy gets that californication


Dubs on my mind (repeat 4x)
Throw them hands up if you
Know you getting high

Nah this ain’t my heyday – this is more like mayday
Bombs away – Pay day
LA All day yea
Gots to keep it old school
Timberlands & Pepe
Fuckin with that Kay day
Got some something to say Dre
Gonna give a shout out from Bakersfield to the Bay
Oceanside, Riverside, Frisco, Stockton, OAK
Sacramento, South Central, San Diego, San Jose
Pasadena, Long Beach that’s just Californ-IA
Portland to Seattle didn’t think I’d forget you
TJ, BC that’s the fuckin west too
East coast I respect you, know I won’t neglect you
My dogs’ll to head west, ease up the stress dude

Track Name: Your Eyes
If you look in my eyes you’ll realize
I do, I really do love you
Just to desire, you know it’s true
I don’t wanna lose you

If you looked into my eyes
You’d see how much I really care
Loved you since day 1
No make up, gym clothes
Frizzy hair
Flawless as the city snow
‘Fo the sun starts to rise
Still feel the same way
Lookin in those brown eyes
Cept when tears are flowin
Knowin that I caused it
So much on my mind
Sometimes it makes me thoughtless
Maybe we should process
Tell me girl, I don’t know
Maybe we ARE meant to be
But being apart is how we grow
First - Then come back as a team
Johnny/June. Fork n spoon
Tony/Cleo, Coffee/cream
2018 – Bonnie and Clyde crew
She the only one blowin trees as much as I do
Plus you ain’t that into yoga
Another reason why I like you
Makin sho’ I eat right,
Makes me wanna wife you
Yeah, I know I’ve lied,
But would never cheat to spite you
We gotta make this work
It’d be fucked up not to try to


I know ya past hurts ya
But you my one and only
Fuck them dudes before me
Pussy cheaters left ya lonely
See as ya closest homie
I was there from the get go
Our love is titanic
So I’m tryin not to let go
But if I let go
It’s in the hopes
That we’ll be back
And if it doesn’t
Was it meant to be? Jeopardy?
Should we face the facts?
Baby please don’t be mad at me
Don’t wanna push this fallacy
Yo why you cold as Calgary?
I wanna talk this out
But I’m running low on battery
Closer to the edge
Please don’t push me off the balcony
Maybe I ain’t grown enough
To know where you be coming from
Even though half the same
Life was different coming up
I was raised on survival
That’s why I’m the fittest
So if I choose work over you
Just know I’m thinking about living
And it ain’t nothing personal
I ain’t making excuses
But got damn girl I’m making excuses


And I don’t wanna lose everything
That we’ve been working on
Too much time and love invested
Not to mention this song
See I was writing rhymes
While you worked on ya masters
The struggles mad real
That’s the life of a bastard
Cuz I fen for our potential family
14 days of the week
Overtime – Apologize
If I’m too tired to even speak
You serious? Seriously
Amorcita Let’s not fight again
Can you please believe me,
When I tell you that she’s just a friend?
It’s all business on Instagram
I ain’t fuckin with them hoes
Gotta share my gift of music
Trying to sell out my shows
This the type of life I chose
And I ain’t begging you to stay
But if you do, I promise boo
Five star hotels is all you’ll know
That’s the only thing I’m asking you to please remember
I gotta stack this bread
Grilled cheese extra cheddar
Let’s get away in December
Take you from Tokyo to Bangkok
Lay you down to the ground
On my knees - Thank God

Track Name: Breaking Through
Eyes red, light headed
Another all nighter
Like I was back on campus
Earn my stripes
Eye of the tiger
Hell yeah I’m a survivor
A child of destiny
Doctor’s did not expect this outcome during pregnancy
But mama was a fighter
She passed it onto me
Wish we could be together
My mission’s incomplete
First I’m a save the world
Ease them up mentally
Rid all the tension not to mention
Hate and jealousy
I’m doin this for me
And you and him and her
Oh you been through some shit?
Well that’s friend to me
Maybe a different path
But you’re no enemy
There ain’t no competition
I’m like a Buddhist G
I don’t pretend to be
I see you on ya game
I see you on ya hustle
I’m here to back ya brotha
Knowing that I’m a win
If I see you succeed
MJ Fade away – Ally oop to 33

Don’t it feel like we been drifting right out
Remember the struggle was same as you
And never let them put the blame on you
And never look back cause you criminal
We struggled but now we’ll be breaking through
You hating on someone who same as you
Maybe one day we’ll be breaking through (3x)

You hating on someone who same as you
Maybe one day we’ll be breaking through (2x)
Maybe one day, maybe one day
Karma will come back and make me you
Maybe one day we’ll be breaking through (3x)

Yeah we in this shit together
So when I make it rain
Then you better check the weather
For them billion dollar dreams
We all starting from the bottom
Lean on me
Rock solid got em – got em
Long as my legs are movin
I’ll keep climbing to the top
Keep ya head up said Tupac
Lookin down you bound to drop
Yo you think we different
But we’re really not (but we really not)
Eyes to the same sky prolly
Praying to the same God
Tryin to survive
The best way we know how-
With all the bullshit in the air
I know it’s hard to stay grounded
Don’t stop – Stop and be careful when you play the juror
Time wasted judging others never gets you any further
All this empathy, is gonna be the death of me
Positive energy –
No way I’m letting that get murdered
My heart is on my sleeve,
I’m dancing through the hard times
Now watch me shoulder lean
2 step n hard grind


Maybe one day

And that day may never come
If our egos like casinos
Focused on cash and flash
Watching nothing but the time pass
What I’m a start to do is care for other people.
But banking on my failures
Fool you better check yo ass
Be easy player
What it do? What it do? –
Handstand over haters
What a view? What a view? –
My perspective is selective
So your boy is never trippin
I keep holding onto faith
Like that’s my life I’m fuckin grippin
Slippin through the stress
Drippin sweat
Heart beating out my chest
Keep my circle small in digits
86’d the fakest friends
Talk that talk but did they ever show up? No
You like the bomb squad
Scared we bout to blow up


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